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About me

Hey there. I'm MichaƂ (pronounciation can be hard so just call me Mike). I'm a Computer Science graduate from University of Birmingham. I've got a big understanding of software development, graphic design, and passion for self-improvement, ready to tackle any problem and continue his self-taught programming journey.

I'm fluent in Java, C/C++, C#, and Python. I also worked with SQL, Haskell, HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Right now I'm trying to get a better understanding of 3D graphics (OpenGL), networks and security. I'm a gamer (PC and consoles), interested mostly in old 90's FPS games, retro consoles and computers (Amiga, Macintosh, IBM PC). Besides programming, I'm really into photography, cooking and running.



Food Rating App

An app to find restaurants near you. It provides hygine ratings based on the Food Standards Agency. Save places in your favourites list, find places near you, get directions and check all details from the FSA database.

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Youtube to Spotify Converter

Create a Spotify playlist based on a YouTube song mix

Django imageboard

A imageboard engine implemented using django rest framework. Make API calls to the server to make threads or comment on other peoples topics. Send photos and videos as attachemnts.



A communication program that allows multiple people to message each other. It follows the client-server architecture with server threads and socket communication. Login or register an account in the system. After that, the programm allows for direct messages, group chats and simple group moderation.

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Space Invaders

A recreation of the classic arcade game Space Invaders. Control a space ship that can shoot rockets to destroy alien saucers. Take cover under small defenses while the aliens move closer. Watch out - the aliens can destroy them! Game implemented using PyGame

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Work Experience

You can download my resume from here